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Haystack & Tastypie Orgs

As of today, I pulled the trigger on something I should've done long ago. Both Tastypie & Haystack now have full GitHub organizations.

Contributors on both sides have been doing a great job maintaining them but haven't had enough control over the repositories, due to the way GitHub's collaboration feature works on an individual repo. This should grant them more control.


As an end-user, you don't have to do much. GitHub will handle redirects, so trying to view will redirect to

Similarly, cloning from will point to

However, if you want to be awesome, correcting your requirements.txt files to clone from the new URL ( and updating your cloned repos (git remote set-url origin & git remote set-url origin will save work & make the fetches faster. And who doesn't like faster installs?


It's no surprise I've been absent lately. My burnout is the subject of a different post for a different time. This should put more power in the hands of the people who are maintaining the code. I'm also working to give them more permissions in other places, like Read the Docs and Travis.

Thanks to everyone for their patience & hopefully this is a smooth (much-overdue) transition.

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