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Committers Needed For Tastypie & Haystack

TL;DR I'm stepping back from Tastypie & Haystack soon and am looking for 3-7 people per project to step up & help take over.

Tastypie and Haystack have both grown far more than I ever expected & could hope for. But that's proven to be a double-edged sword, as they've also outgrown my ability to support them, let alone supporting them both at once.

Additionally, they were both projects built out of love/desire on personal time (with scant business-backed time). That worked at the start, but I haven't worked day-to-day with either of them in a long time. And certainly not as much as many people have come to use them.

So I'm looking for people to add to the committers. Given the current backlog & the kind-of-insane issue/PR flow (I got over 100 requests last month alone), I'm hoping that at least 3 (& hopefully many more) people are willing to stand up for each of them & help them move forward.

The Ideal Committer

The kind of people I'm looking for are:

  • Use the project on a frequent basis
  • Care about code quality/standards
  • Write tests to cover the patches they're committing/merging
  • Can follow the contribution guidelines
  • Want to do something good for the community

"Sounds Great! How Do I Express Interest?"

Pretty simple.

  • Create two pull requests on the project that meet both the contributing and the core committer guidelines
  • Send an email to "[email protected]" with the Subject "I Wanna Be A Committer". Include a link to both pull requests and a short description as to why you'd like to be involved.
  • If the PRs are straight-away mergable, congrats! I'll add you to the committers and you can merge away.
  • If not, I'll try to work with you & get things to a point where you can merge freely, then will grant you access.

What About You? Why Now?

As I've said, I don't get to work with either project very much. I've tried maintaining them on the side but I can't keep up & the rest of the core team on each side are either busy or no longer use it themselves.

The timing is because I'm going to be moving cross-country shortly. Additionally, my next job may not even involve Django & certainly won't use Tastypie/Haystack.

I still intend to be involved where I can. I'm putting the finishing touches on a major release for Tastypie this week, and intend to port both Tastypie & Haystack to be Python 3 compatible in the short-term. And I'll be paying for the domains/admin-ing the mailing lists/etc. ad infinitum. I care a whole lot about both projects, but it's time others with more time/energy/motivation took the reins.

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