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Now Hiring: An Awesome Designeloper! (Updated)

Update (2012/05/14): Hiring for this position is now closed, as it has been filled.

Hm, is the correct term "designeloper"? "Devinger"? "Pixel-pushing, code-smashing, half-(wo)man/half monster"? Regardless, Toast Driven is now hiring for a full-time designer/developer position!

You Are...

  • An experienced designer

    • Must know HTML / CSS, good Javascript skills a bonus
    • Must be comfortable in Photoshop/Acorn/Pixelmator/your favorite image editor here
    • Must already be extremely comfortable with the Django templating language
    • Should have an excellent grasp of typography & color
    • Should be comfortable both with creating new layouts as well as converting an existing comp into a fully working frontend
    • Comfort with vector tools would be awesome
  • Some developer skills

    • Must know Python (don't have to be an expert)
    • Must know Django (again, non-expert but you should know the basics)
    • Must be comfortable with being asked to turn out models/views/URLconfs
    • Experience with testing a bonus
  • People skills

  • Self-managing

  • Must love open-source

  • Ability to be crazy-detailed one moment (push it over just one more pixel) & high-level/abstract the next

  • Ideally living in (or willing to move to) Lawrence, KS, though remote work is a possibility

  • A good cultural fit

  • Should like toast :D

The Job Is...

  • Full-Time
  • Salaried
  • Dev heavy at first, but with lots of opportunities to tackle design
  • Primarily contract-based, with some (increasing) internal work

Toast Driven Is...

  • A Python/Django-based consultancy (that has more work than it can handle)
  • Currently just me (Daniel)
  • Profitable (& self-funded)
  • Work hard, play hard
  • Puts a high-emphasis on family/free time/life outside work (you won't get worked to the bone)

How To Apply

So, you're still here? Excellent. If you're interested, here's how you should apply. You send an email to "daniel" at this domain, drop in the subject "I Like Toast" and include the following things:

  • A paragraph about yourself
  • A link to a piece of recent work
  • A link to something you're particularly proud of
  • A link to your GitHub (or BitBucket) profile
  • A list of three things you'd do to improve the design/HTML/CSS of (don't worry about hurting my feelings, worry about being right & being able to explain why)
  • Bonus points: Include a digital sketch of a piece of buttered toast

If you look like a good potential fit, I'll be in touch. Thanks!

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