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Django Dash 2009

It's getting to be that time of year again, so (a day late) let's throw this out there. Since many people enjoyed it last year, I will be running the Django Dash again this year.


May 30 @ 12:00 am CST to May 31 @ 11:59 pm CST. (This does not collide with EuroDjangoCon.)


Anyone who enjoys the Django framework may participate, which includes core devs as well if they're interested. So be you a developer or designer (or something in-between), you should participate.

Teams of 2 were the standard last year, but I'm willing to be flexible on this if people are interested in bigger teams. Three might be nice but it depends on interest.

What Is Django Dash?

A 48-hour web development contest for perfectionists with deadlines, of course! What better way to push your skills and have some fun?

I Want More Info!

I'll be posting periodically to the website and to Twitter (@djangodash). Expect more details to start emerging within the next two weeks.

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