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Blogging Frustration

Most of the way through the National Blog Posting Month, I'm pretty frustrated. I've got 3-4 topics I really would be interested in writing as well as a couple more simple topics. But having time is the biggest problem. Each (meaningful) post so far has taken an hour or more to write, with the longest taking about 3 hours total. Each of the remaining topics will take at least this much time but I don't have the time to write them. By the time the kids are down, the house chores are done and I'm sitting in front of the computer ready to write, it's at least 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. Choosing a topic from the list that will be (at least vaguely) interesting takes another 15-30 minutes and then most of the night is gone if I want to be kosher the next day.

Further, this mostly stopped being fun about halfway through the month and has seemed more and more like a chore as the days have wore on. I'll likely finish, simply because I said I would and am trying to challenge myself to write more. But still...

Wish I had time to do some stats but I'm out (again) for the night and need to crash. Argh.

Toast Driven