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Open Source Section Added

We love open source here at Toast Driven. You might even say we're passionate about it, but that just sounds kinda wrong, so just think of it as really enthusiastic. And we're eager to start giving back where we can.

As a result, we're launching the Open Source section of the website tonight. It's rough but as the mantra goes, "release early, release often". So we're trying to eat our own dog food and get it out there.

To commemorate this, we've got a fun little mini-Rails app available for download. It's called FeedMe! and it's an RSS reader/aggregator the way we think it ought to be done. Everything is mashed together into chronological order for your perusal. It's light, it's simple and we're already using it (see for details).

If it's interesting, we hope you enjoy it and there will be more to come soon.

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