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Gemstone Creations Launched!

Gemstone Creations has now been fully launched. This e-commerce site was brought to us by Cheryl Schnettler, owner of Gemstone Creations, who was looking for a more customized web site for selling her handmade jewelry.

The jewelry she sells is one-of-a-kind, with an emphasis on highlighting what Mother Nature has created. Of course there are plenty of gemstones, but her work also includes creative use of precious metals, shells and pearls. Her works exude a Southwestern theme and are very unique.

Toast Driven provided everything to get the site up and running and well within the available budget. The entire design and implementation was turned around in two weeks time, including a full data import and simple integration with both Paypal and Google Checkout.

Gemstone Creations has been a work in progress over quite a bit of time and we're happy to finally have it out and available for Cheryl's customers.

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